Green Point Cricket Club

Welcome to Green Point Cricket Club.


A Proud Club

Green Point Cricket Club has a proud history of being one of the top clubs in Cape Town. The club was founded back in the 1890’s and is one of the oldest cricket clubs in South Africa. We are still to this day primarily a cricket club with 4 teams taking part in the Western Province Leagues. We have however evolved over the years and added activities such as Social Squash and a gym facility to our Senior and Junior cricket offerings. Situated in the beautifully picturesque area of the Green Point common and in the heart of the Atlantic Seaboard, we also offer a great facility to the people living in the area, many of which make use of our facilities for dog walking and events.

We have a long history of having members from all races, cultures and backgrounds. We are proud that we were the first “white” cricket club in Cape Town to open its doors to members of all races.

Fantastic Facilities


Green Point Cricket Club have fantastic facilities which include four grass nets, six artificial nets and two playing fields. We cater for players at all levels. 


Green Point Cricket Club currently have two squash courts which are used daily by our social squash members.

Gym Facility

The Gym is a small facility but caterers for your every need. you will also have our local friendly Bio-kineticist, Sean, who is at hand to help out with any of your needs.

Dog Walking

Green Point Cricket Club provides it’s facilities to dog walkers in the area that are looking for a secure space to run their pets. All that is required is that you become a member of the club and for this nominal annual fee you will have a space to do this.


The clubhouse and facilities are also a great event or function venue. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor event, this is the perfect place to host it in the Green Point area.

Sign Up

Anyone is welcome to join up at any stage of the season and we are always looking for new members. Dust off the kit and come join us at a practice. Hope to see you soon.

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